Fall Tour Kick-Off

Monday, September 15, 2014

Casey Plett and Sybil Lamb start their tour at this event. Trish Salah joins!

Sybil Lamb I’ve Got A Time Bomb
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I’ve Got A Time Bomb

On her way home from a gay wedding, Sybil’s eponymous protagonist is ambushed, beaten, and left for dead on the train tracks. Days later, Sybil awakens in a hospital and finds her skull has been reconstructed, but it quickly becomes … Continued

He Mele A Hilo

Something strange is happening in Hilo. Noleani Choi’s new show about the life of Jesus Christ told through hula dance has everyone, especially her halau, wondering what she could possibly be thinking. Rumors circulate about a rich guy from the … Continued

A Safe Girl To Love

Eleven unique short stories that stretch from a rural Canadian Mennonite town to a hipster gay bar in Brooklyn, featuring young trans women stumbling through loss, sex, harassment, and love. These stories, shiny with whiskey and prairie sunsets, rattling subways … Continued

Bright Like Neon

Bright Like Neon follows the story of Jody Louden, a 17-year-old aspiring roller derby star and her first crush on a girl–the DJ at the roller rink, of course. When one of the white girls at her private school goes … Continued

Topside News

June 24, 2014

“You Have Ripped Your Dick Off” zine of trans poetry now available!

The Trans Poets Workshop of NYC has put together a zine for the upcoming performance event, “Something Way More Awesome” and you can buy it now! Printed and bound by Cat Fitzpatrick Featuring the work of Paco Buenasnoches, EC Crandall, … Continued

May 29, 2014

Summer tour + fundraiser!

Book events in 7 states (and even one in Canada!) are happening throughout June. Find out where to go and how to join a reading.

Topside Spotlight

Jeanne Thornton

The Black Emerald

Reviewed by Torrey Peters

In reading the beautiful and unexpected stories in Jeanne Thornton's new collection, The Black Emerald, you become strange and dreamy in the same way that they are.

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Morgan M Page

At Land

Reviewed by Cat Fitzpatrick

A limited edition chapbook explores mourning, psychological horror, and unspeakable transformations through sharp-eyed prose.

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merritt kopas

These Were Free On My Blog #1

Reviewed by Winter Lake

Sharp humor wrung from the inanity of dealing with the cis world as a trans woman. Reading it is a great alternative to screaming.

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Rachel K. Zall

About My Body (Because You Always Ask) #1: Poems, Stories, and Comix by a Grumpy Trans Lady

Reviewed by Lilith Latini

A 'zine that answers the questions cis/normative folks might ask, but on terms that thwart the conceptual framing in which they are typically served.

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