Bookseller Accounts

Retailers can order Topside Press titles directly through this website, at wholesale prices. We offer a 50% retail discount on all paperbacks.

Open an Account

  1. To register for a bookseller’s account, add a bookseller account to your cart and fill in the information requested.
  2. Complete the registration process, checkout normally. This will create an account with your email address (if you don’t already have one. There is no fee to register a bookseller’s account.
  3. Once your order is complete, you will be able to access the regular Topside store, and you will now have access to the wholesale prices for all paperback books.
  4. Place an order for books.

All bookseller accounts are automatically enabled until the first order is placed. Once you place your first order, we will manually verify and approve the account, and your order will be processed. If we can’t verify your store with the information provided, we may contact you via the email address on your account for additional information. If we don’t get a response, or if we determine that you aren’t eligible, the account will be closed and the order refunded.


All Topside Press titles are available in paperback to retailers at a 50% retail discount. Other Topside Press products and other items in the store are available for purchase to booksellers, but quantities are very limited, and unfortunately no wholesale discount is available.

Once you are logged into your active bookseller account, you can find a complete list of discounted products here.


Any physical store is eligible for a bookseller account, and there are no purchasing minimums to place wholesale orders. Established pop-up stores, zine distros, and other similar organizations are usually eligible as well. Follow the instructions to open an account, or email us at if you have questions about whether or not your organization is eligible.


Payment is accepted by paypal or credit card when the order is placed.


Shipping fees are based on the number of individual books ordered, and retailers are offered the same low shipping fees as the rest of our customers. Books can be shipped anywhere in the world, and arrive within about 2-3 weeks via UPS or DHL. For large orders sent overseas, please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery. Customs fees may apply upon delivery, check your local regulations.

Add or Edit Shipping Address

You may add or edit a shipping address for your bookstore once you’ve created an account.

Check the Status of a Bookseller Account or Orders

Your orders will all be listed on the My Account page. If your account is an active bookseller, the “My Memberships” area will display an active “Bookseller” plan.