JUMPSTART: I’ve Got A Time Bomb, a novel by Sybil Lamb


Sybil Lamb’s first book, I’ve Got A Time Bomb, is coming.
You can help make it happen!

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About I’ve Got A Time Bomb a novel

On her way home from a gay wedding, Sybil’s eponymous protagonist is ambushed, beaten, and left for dead on the train tracks. Days later, Sybil awakens in a hospital and finds her skull has been reconstructed, but it quickly becomes clear that her version of “normal” and “reality” may have been permanently altered. When she falls in love with a very beautiful, but very married, actress, Sybil does what comes naturally: she presents the object of her affection with a homemade explosive device, and then abruptly leaves town.

I’ve Got A Time Bomb chronicles her surrealistic journey living among the loners, losers, and leave-behinds in the dark corners of Amerika.

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About Sybil Lamb the author

Self-portrait, Sybil Lamb
Self-portrait, Sybil Lamb

Sybil Lamb has been making visual art, music, and zines for over twenty years.

She is responsible for the zines “TrannyPunx” and “How to Kill Queer Scum,” both beloved by queers around the world for over a decade.

Recently, her work has been featured at Ryerson University (2014), Gallery 1313 (2014), contemporary pop art factory SuperWonderGallery (2012-2014).
Also, she has shown at Hangman Gallery (2013), The Gladstone Hotel (2013), Gallery Videofag (2013), and many, many other places.

Read Sybil’s full bio here.

About this Jumpstart the plan

We gotta print this crazy book and take Sybil on the road so she can read it out loud to lots of people! All that costs a lot of money, so we’re pre-selling books to help cover costs.

Every single dollar from pre-order sales is used to produce and print the book, promote it to new readers, and cover travel expenses and materials. Sybil has spent years writing, and a dedicated team of editors has put in months of work, and now we need your help to bring I’ve Got A Time Bomb into the world!

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Special Pre-Order Exclusive! Limited Edition IGTB Treasure Map

treasure-mapHand-drawn treasure map from Sybil Lamb. A perfect companion for the IGTB adventure, complete with secret clues to decipher. Limited edition of 150. Numbered + signed by Sybil Lamb. 11″x14″ digital print suitable for framing or locating treasure.