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Freak of Nurture


In Freak of Nurture, Dunham demonstrates that hilarity and chaos reign when you combine what her therapist calls “deep biological optimism” with a hearty midwestern work ethic and determination to make bad ideas a fantastic reality. Whether she is writing about hitch-hiking across Haiti to help out with disaster relief or living on a houseboat in Philadelphia in the winter, Kelli Dunham‘s humorous interpretation of difficult situations is both inspiring and entertaining.

In the tradition of authors such as David Sedaris and Ellen DeGeneres, Dunham’s “slice of life” stories remind us that even though humans are deeply flawed, we’re also seriously hysterical that way.


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Kelli Dunham



Kelli Dunham is an award-winning stand up comic who has appeared on both Showtime and the Discovery Channel and tours nationally to colleges, comedy clubs, LGBT pride events and even the occasional livestock auction. Her comedy CDs “I am NOT a 12 Year Old Boy” “Almost Pretty” and “Why Is the Fat One Always Angry” are in regular rotation on Sirius/XM radio’s Rawdog Comedy as well as Pandora’s Margaret Cho station. An ex-nun, and a current registered nurse, Dunham’s previous titles have included How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Nursing School (FA Davis, 2005) and How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Your Life as a Nurse (FA Davis, 2006) and have sold over 100,000 copies. Kelli is the author of two children’s books being used by Sonlight conservative home schooling association in their science curriculum.

Kelli was one of Velvet Park Magazine’s 25 Significant Queer Women of 2011 and was named to the 2012 Campus Pride Hotlist. Kelli was also given the The Fresh Fruit Festival Award for Distinction in stand-up comedy, although Kelli has never before or since been called distinguished.

Kelli was recently the expert on “What Is Normal” in Twist Magazine (known as Tiger Beat’s little sister magazine), on a page facing a full color poster of Justin Beiber. There isn’t even a ironic statement to match that, it’s just strangely true.