Improvise Girl Improvise - 2015 - Topside Press - Lilith Latini

Improvise, Girl, Improvise


“Even without the preferred methods, one must survive,” swears Lovedog, one of the incandescent stars in Lilith Latini’s constellation of trans heroines. But these women are far from satisfied with mere survival.

Whether fooling around with boys, dancing till sunrise, or just putting together a really bioluminescent outfit, they are sharply funny, audaciously poised, and recklessly honest. A body would hardly know they are only ever a stumble from disaster.

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Lilith Latini

Lilith Latini learned how to put queer and trans and poetry together while moonlighting as a back-handed-compliment-serving southern belle in Asheville, NC. Her poems can be found in Troubling the Line: Anthology of Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics, online at The Feminist Wire, and in her chapbook Lip Print. She currently resides in Philly where she teaches folks how to walk in high heels.