Ive Got A Time Bomb - 2014 - Topside Press - Sybil Lamb

I’ve Got A Time Bomb


The year is 286.

The city of Morteville has been flooded by a devestating hurricane but Sybil D’Lye has never been happier. She’s making out with girls, squatting an abandoned mansion, and looting every pharmacy within wading distance.

Everything’s going swimmingly until the night Sybil is beaten with a pipe and left for dead. Though doctors are able to reconstruct her skull, her mind is altogether another matter.

Thus begins her incredible and unbelievable journey, looking for love among the loners, losers, and leave-behinds in the forgotten corners of Amerika. Based on a true* story.

*Guaranteed minimum 88% true content by weight!

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Dimensions 8.5 x 5.5 in

Sybil Lamb



For over 20 years Sybil Lamb has been a Notorious Deluge of Paintings and Illustration that often conspicuously feature a rag tag cast of young Misfits rockers Oddballs and cute Monsters and obsessive love to detail modified physiques. Operating a busy art studio, showing in galleries and selling at the Art Fairs of Toronto since 2009, born in Ottawa she has also left her mark on New Orleans Montreal Ottawa and SF/Oakland. Her work is sold at a number of Galleries in Toronto and around North America.

Her work has been featured at Ryerson University 2014, Gallery 1313 2014, contemporary pop art factory SuperWonderGallery 2012-2014, Hangman Gallery 2013, The Gladstone Hotel 2013, Gallery Videofag 2013, Morgan Page’s and Michael Mackid’s Projects at Buddies in Bad Times 2012, Come As You Are 2011, Ridgefield Guild of Artists gender odyssey 2011, Patrick John Mills Gallery 2010-2011, and Unit2 2011 . From 2005 to 2008 she founded and administered the Termite & Vine Artist’s and Musicians Homesteaders Studio Collective Co-operative Association in New Orleans Louisiana and was Collected and Shown by Barristers Gallery. Trained in parade float construction by Julian Stock from Royal Floats, she has Moonlighted a tech for giant group sculpture performance projects including Rockaway Armada 2007, The Cult of The Little Lambs Trash Noise Rock Band 2008, and the LOW MAINTENANCE Art Bus 2009.

See her Portraits of North American Traveling Strippers and Punk Rock Freight Train Culture, 91 foot longCommissioned Historical Mural for the Church Wellesley Village/ World Pride 2014, 11 foot wide tryptich depicting a “Window Girl” fight in Amsterdam, and created images for the CATIE Toronto’s 2014-15 safe cruising with HIV PEP and PrEP campaign, and contributed character and concept design for Bipolarbear Production’s TIKI ISLAND animated cartoon.