Never Coming Home - 2015 - Topside Press - Tyler Vile

Never Coming Home


What do you do when you live in a moldering unfinished mansion with a megalomaniac father and a mostly-unconscious mother and your only sister has quit on you? Maybe you run.

Tyler Vile has been entertaining audiences with her audacious slam poetry for years. Her new novel-in-verse follows her eponymous heroine through the parks, bars and punk houses of Baltimore as she tries to escape her childhood and build a community for herself. Which, given that all she has to work with is people. isn’t going to be easy.

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Tyler Vile

Tyler Vile is a poet, performer, and activist from Baltimore, Maryland. Her work has been featured in publications such as Gadfly, Bluestockings Magazine, The Round Up Writers’ Zine, and Punk Globe Magazine. Never Coming Home is her first book.