Reacquainted With Life


KOKUMỌ's poetry, is what happens when survivors spit sperm and other bodily excretions in the face of those who abuse them. KOKUMỌ's poetry, is what happens when Aunt Jemima becomes Rambo. KOKUMỌ's poetry, is what happens when the piece of shit you stepped in, corporealizes then knocks you the fuck out. And no! Resilience, has never sounded sexier.

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Product Description

What People Are Saying

“Reacquainted With Life” is a bold, beautiful, and moving collection of poems about surviving and thriving in a world that wants to erase trans women of color. A powerful mix of musicality, humor, defiance, and passionate insights into life.
– Julia Serano, author of Whipping Girl

About the Author

KOKUMỌ is a musician. Have you heard her debut EP, “There Will Come A Day”? Stop sleepin’. KOKUMỌ is the thought leader responsible for influencing the very framework of the modern-day Trans Movement. Yep! She’s your fav’rite advocates, fav’rite advocate. KOKUMỌ is a performance artist. Her first play, “The Faggot Who Could Fly” headlined the world’s biggest African-American poetry conference, The Gwendolyn Brooks Conference, when she was only 23. She even put together a cute tour. Dat’z cool! Broadway wudn’t ready. KOKUMỌ is a poet! And this, is her first book of poems. Enjoy! Fat/intersex/dark-skint/femmes fuckin rock. You ain’t know?

From The Book:

All I Have

I’mma melted cheese on my flamin hots eatin/playin tag while bullets flyin/iz time fo da perculata uh duh daz y we’s perculatin perculatin/peppamint n penny candy n my pickle lip smackin/I can’t tell time but so wat I’m still gon floss my gummi watch rockin/hey yaw dey finely got my overalls out da Goldblatt’s layaway afta almos two years stuntin/da ice cream truck left bfo I cud tho my shoes on sobbin/Jezus is da answa fo da wurl today Calvary Missionary Baptist Church on na corna ah 87th n Stony Island cross da street from da KFC evry Sunday goin/dirty dirty dozens yo mama yo daddy yo greazy greazy granpappy playin/who you callin black bitch getcho big lookin azz u betta R.E.S.P.E.K. me demandin/Uncle Remus ain’t got shit on Harold’s Chicken debatin/bang bang bang skeet skeet skeet lemme see you juke jukin/fuck you mean da Wesside betta at footwork defendin/poppin prepubescent pussy up at da famley reunion papa n big brutha embarrasin/los my virginity in ah abandoned garage I’ll suck yo dick as long as you lumme u lumme don’t you Rashan askin/use ta be boo boo da foo talkin bout he can do wateva he wants ta me so long as he got waves n lite skin thirstin/Rupaul waz my role model til I discovered Sylvester n Grace Jones evolvin/Moesha waz da gurl I swo I wud one day grow up ta b hopin/soufside Chi til u muthafuckin die reppin/hair ruffa denna Brillo pad/skin darka denna Black N Mile/voice louda den a shootout tween da Moe’s n na Foe’s/wit sharpa den da blade ya boy use ta cut crack wit/yea dat b me/n whiles othaz may hide dey history/I plops like ah pig playin wit itz puzzy in mines/cuz I know alls too well dat when na cam’ras stop rollin n awards stop bein received/I/will once again/be all I have.

I Came To Jesus (He Came In My Hair)

I came to Jesus
naked as the day I was born
after being born again, on a hospital bed
I showed him the body he gave me
but I made vast improvements upon
and since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
before we parted, I made sure ta give em a lap dance
so he cud see dat ass bounce up n down!

The Poem My Desperation Wrote

I’ll give you me in evry way I come.
Entertain you, overlook your flaws,
and even ignore my better judgment.
Ain’t no grudge, worth my happiness right?
Without you even havin ta ask,
I’ll show you tha softa side ah me.
Hell, might eum go numb!
All I ask, is that you treat me like a lady.
Faget tha fact that most people will neva,
see me as a woman,
and I have no memories of eva, truly, being a girl.
Lay with me.
Yes, I will be pitiful.
But you will be satisfied.